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108MP Camera Evaluation Kit for Machine Vision Applications

ArduCam is very well known for bringing more versatile camera options to the embedded electronics & Machine Vision Applications. They might be one of the very few companies in this hardware space, offering customized camera solutions for any application related to Machine Vision.

ArduCam’s engineers spent 6 months looking for the right smartphone camera sensor, tinkered with many parts, and did multiple validations with dozens of smartphone sensors to finally arrive at the components for this 108-megapixel camera.

With this 108 MP Evaluation Kit, ArduCam set out to help their clients/customers eliminate the time consuming camera evaluation process, and thus allowing engineers to start working on the other parts of a project faster.

All you need is to pick your hardware of choice, and the rest of the evaluation is already figured out,” ArduCam says. It is as simple as connecting the USB of the Dev kit to any USB Enabled System.

Now let's dive a little deeper into the features

  1. Sensor Size: 1/1.5“

  2. Number of effective pixels: 12000×9000

  3. Interface: MIPI 2-Lane

  4. Motorized Focus: 8cm to Infinity

  5. Viewing Angle: 82

  6. Output Format: RAW10

  7. Frame Rates: RAW10, 4000×3000 at 11fps & RAW10, 12000×9000 at 1.3fps

  8. USB 3.0 interface: compatible with any hardware you choose.

  9. Developer-friendly SDK: & API for easy integration.

  10. Delivery starts from August Mid

What does the Kit Contain?

  1. 1 x Arducam 108MP Camera Module

  2. 1 x Arducam USB 3.0 Camera Shield Plus

  3. 1 x USB 3.0 Camera Cable

Buy From here at $399:

Want to see the RAW Image Quality? Sample Here:

Things to note.

  1. While RAW is supported out of the box, it supports other image formats with post processing using software

  2. We can definitely use custom resolutions and custom frame rates using the SDK they provide

  3. While it can be used with Raspberry Pi 4, its recommended to use Jetson Nano Grade Computing to drive the camera output

  4. Based on the hardware and software support of the host computer, it can support H.264 or H.265 encoding

Simplified system design, Decreased overall cost, Improved efficiency, Lower maintenance cost & better longevity are all the main aspects that were taken into consideration with this evaluation kit. To learn more, check out the official blog here:

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