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30 FPS Image Processing & Object Detection on MCUs

30 FPS Image Processing & Object Detection using 256KB RAM & with just a Cortex-M7 MCU! Ya, you heard that Right! It can even run on Cortex-M4F at 80MHz! Faster Objects, More Objects (FOMO) is a ground-breaking algorithm brought by Edge Impulse that brings real-time object detection, tracking and counting to constrained microcontrollers. FOMO is 30x faster than MobileNet SSD and runs in <200K of RAM.

The smallest version of FOMO runs with less than 100KB RAM & at 10 FPS on a Cortex-M4F at 80MHz.

For a demo, check out this video:

For more info on this:

Of course there are some limitations, but I am confident that the team will optimize & improve in the coming months. Can't wait to get hands-on!

Limitations as of now are:

1. Works better on smaller objects

2. Objects should not be that close to each other

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