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A Truly Innovative Syringe with Ultra Small NFC Tag

You might already be familiar with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It's present in almost all smartphones nowadays, and even in some smartwatches, and you might have unknowingly used it for contactless payments.

Let's get a brief idea of how NFC works, before getting on with the Smart Syringe. A reader device generates a magnetic field using a coil. When an NFC tag is brought nearby, the field induces an electric current within the tag, thereby powering the tag, and once the initial handshake is complete, any stored data on the tag is wirelessly transmitted to the reader.

NP Plastibell's Innovative Smart Syringe

NP Plastibell in partnership with STMicroelectronics, has recently announced a pre-filled syringe containing an NFC tag. NP Plastibell worked closely with ST to overcome 2 challenges:

  1. To Miniaturize their already small ST25TV NFC Tag

  2. To Withstand temperatures above 130°C during Syringe Sterilization

They were successful in overcoming both these challenges and the ultra-compact NFC tag was molded directly into the body of the syringe.

Use for Medical Staff:

Medical staff can get accurate information quickly on their phone or using an NFC reader, like:

  1. Correct Dosage

  2. Authenticity Check

  3. Tamper Check

  4. Special Instructions

  5. Expiration dates

  6. Storage conditions

  7. Warnings

Use for Patients:

Other than Use for the Medical Staff, patients can also easily set up reminders by scanning the tag with their mobile. Medicine manufacturers can even put links to their apps inside the NFC tag, to give better service to patients.

Not just Smart Syringes:

NP Plastibell is planning to further develop medical devices based on ST's ST25TV NFC tag IC. Once this technology is on the market, they plan to extend it to other medical products like:

  1. Surgical Devices

  2. Implant packaging

  3. Pharmaceutical packaging

  4. Diagnostic devices

The ST25TV NFC Tag:

Lets learn a little bit more about this special NFC Tag.

  1. Operates in the high-frequency 13.56 MHz range

  2. Certified by the NFC Forum and comply with the industrial ISO/IEC 15693 RFID specifications

  3. Tamper Detect Capability

  4. An improved user experience with Augmented NDEF - Dynamically-generated content when triggered by the end user or event

  5. 64-bit encrypted passwords with multi-area protection

To learn more about the Tag, check out the product page:

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