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Ambiq Apollo 4 - Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers

Ambiq has announced two low-power microcontrollers for IoT end-points - The Apollo4 Plus & Apollo4 Blue Plus. Ambiq microcontrollers are known for ultra low power consumption. Often such low power consumption feature comes with some kind of security level downgrade, but this time around Ambiq has addressed this.

1. Security -

Secure boot

Secure over-the-air updates

Secure wired updates.

2. Single Arm Cortex-M4F Core - 192MHz (with floating point)

3. Up to 2Mbyte MRAM - 4μA/MHz operation executing from MRAM

4. Up to 2.75Mbyte of SRAM

5. BLE 5.1 support on Blue Plus Variant

6. Operating Voltage: 1.71 to 2.2V

Other than Security Upgrade, the new family supports enhanced graphics displays and has greater voice capabilities to serve as either an application processor or a co-processor for battery-powered end-point devices.

1. Enhanced Graphics Support: Displays up to 500 x 500 can be handled. A 2D/2.5D graphics accelerator is also included

2. Audio: 1x stereo analogue microphones interface. 4x stereo digital microphone interfaces. 2x full-duplex I2S ports.

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