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Can you spot the difference? - Hacking Cable

Can you spot the difference?






Me neither!

One is a normal USB C Cable for charging and data transfer,

while the other one is what is called as an "Attack Hardware"

Basically they look similar, but one has the capability to deploy a payload wirelessly and to log every key press.

A brand called O.MG cables is selling these types of "hacking" cables. They even have a lightning cable variant.

The Keylogger Variant adds a fully passive USB Keylogger capable of storing up to 650,000 keystrokes.

It can even wisely scan nearby WiFi networks and based on situation that the cable is in switch on or off its hacking capabilities. Like for example when you enter your office with this cable.

If found it can even "self destruct" to leave no possibility to trace back who planted this cable.

Be Safe, and only plug the cables you use daily. Label your USB cables or put a skin on it.

I am not linking this product here for obvious reasons and this post is intended as an educational & awareness post.

Although, you could watch this video to know more:

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