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ESP32-C2 - Smaller than ESP8266 at just 4x4mm

“Honey, I Shrunk the ESP32!” ESP32-C2 is the latest offering by Espressif. At just 4x4 mm the QFN package is even smaller than the ESP8266! Espressif observed a surprising advantage when they reduced the package size - The chip’s Wireless performance further improved. With ESP32-C2, Espressif Systems is trying to tackle the chip shortage by producing more chips on the same number of wafers.


1. RISC-V based 32-bit MCU at 120 MHz

2. Wi-Fi 4 & BLE 5

3. Built-in 272 KB SRAM

4. ESP RainMaker & ESP-Jumpstart Support out of the box

5. Supports Matter Protocol in such a low cost chip

6. SiP Flash Options of 1 MB, 2 MB & 4 MB available

Application: The chip is designed for high-capacity, low-data-rate simple IoT applications such as smart sockets, smart lighting, etc.

For more info check the official post from Espressif’s site:

In my opinion, Espressif is one of the few companies in this space that is giving such a wide variety of options, suited for different applications. This level of choice & unified software support is highly appreciated.

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