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Invisible Computing with Mojo Vision: Smart Contact Lenses

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is what the Smart Contact Lenses will essentially do - Magic! Touted as the next logical evolution to Augmented Reality, Smart Contact Lenses will provide next generation computing experiences that is called Invisible Computing.

Invisible Computing is a computing experience where information is available and presented only when needed. It allows users to access information quickly & discreetly without looking down on a screen, losing focus on people and the world around them.

What is Mojo Lens?

Mojo Lens is a fully self contained smart contact lens which has a Micro LED display with 14,000 pixels per inch. At just 0.5mm in diameter it is still the highest density display ever created for dynamic content.

The Mojo Lens mainly consists of a small microprocessor, small display , a power management chip, sensors and a super tiny onboard battery.

What is possible now with Mojo Lens?

  1. Navigation

  2. Teleprompter

  3. Read Text

More Potential Applications will be possible once the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the hardware is completed and made available.

What makes Mojo Lens Tick?

  1. Custom ASIC which Integrates 5GHz Radio & ARM Core M0 Processor

  2. 0.5 mm Diameter MicroLED Display

  3. Custom Configured Accelerometer + Gyroscope + Magnetometer Sensor

  4. Precise Eye Tracking for Gesture Based Control

  5. Medical Grade Micro Batteries + Proprietary Power Management

What is the Future of Mojo Lens?

  1. FDA Approval

  2. SDK Release

  3. Use cases for Vision Impaired People, Athletes etc.

  4. Make all electronics invisible as possible

  5. Improving Eye Tracking Precision

  6. Color MicroLED instead of Monochrome

To read more check out this official blog:

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