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NebuLink Node NLN500a

Want to start with LoRa & improve your product’s range to up to 10 KM? This Arduino Compatible Dev Kit houses a NebuLink Node NLN500a that has the World’s 1st LoRa Integrated Microcontroller - STM32WL. Suited for both Industrial & hobbyist purposes the NebuLink NLN500a is enriched with multiple interfaces, digital & analog I/Os and memory to perform any LoRa IoT operations.

NebuLink NLN500a’s features include:

1. Compact size 16 x 32.6 x 3.5 mm

2. LoRa Frequency Bands: EU 863-870,US 902-928,IN 865 MHz

3. Ultra Low Power Design (1.6uA in Standby), Operating Voltage: 1.8-3.6V

4. Sensitivity: Down to -136 dBm (spreading factor 12)

5. Serial Interfaces: 2 x SPI, 3 x I2C, 2 x USART, 1 x LPUART

6. Supports up to 43 I/Os , Has 256-KB Flash, 64 KB RAM

7. Supports OTA, SWD, JTAG

8. Transmitter high output power programmable up to +21 dBm

9. WPC Certified

10. Hardware based encryption upto AES 256-bit

11. The Module can be directly soldered on any device board

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