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NOVELDA's Ultra-Wideband Sensor

Imagine this scenario. You walk into your office, your Laptop/PC has automatically booted up, the lights & AC are switched on automatically, all without any smart apps. Without wasting any time, you jump right back into your work or that urgent zoom call.

The technology that will enable this is called UWB or Ultra Wide Band. A slightly modified version of this UWB tech can be used as a Radar to detect human presence and motion. This is exactly what NOVELDA's latest Tiny UWB X4F103 Chip brings to the table.

The Novelda X4F103 Chip is so sensitive that it can

1. Pick up Sub-millimeter movements

2. Even detect breaths taken under a bedsheet

3. Works through wood, plastic, and glass

Novelda X4F103 Chip includes the following features:

1. Super Tiny Sensor - 12 mm x 12 mm (Including Antennas!)

2. Customizable Sensitivity - Person Walking/Standing Still/Breathing Patterns

3. Low power consumption < 2mW, and no co-existence issues with other sensors

4. Up to 180-degree field of view

5. Zone control can be configured up to 5m depending on use case

Actual Use Cases:

The world's largest laptop manufacturer, Lenovo, is using NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor in their premium laptops to enable auto wake-up and auto lock to increase security and extend battery life.

STEINEL True Presence used Novelda's sensor to help hotel customers improve energy efficiency and cut costs in HVAC by 12%.

Other Applications:

1. Vital sign detection in baby and sleep monitors

2. Touchless-screen displays

3. Smart Home

Demo kits for NOVELDA UWB X4F103 sensor are available upon request. For more information go to:

For more such useful embedded related posts, please follow me here on LinkedIn & you can check out my video on UWB here:

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