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Radar-on-Chip for Automotive Application -Uhnder SA80

Radar-on-Chip! The SA80 from Uhnder will be the world’s first mass-produced, fully automotive qualified, 4D digital imaging Radar-on-Chip. This technology has won the Best of CES 2022 Innovation Award in Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation.

SA80 can perceive objects that cameras, Lidar, traditional analog radar, and the human eye can easily miss when safety matters most. A single SA80 Radar-on-Chip can detect the following:

1. Detects and tracks thousands of objects

2. Tracks their height, speed and distance

3. Does all this at 50+ fps

4. 16x Resolution than today’s analogue offerings

Uhnder, Inc.’s SA80 Radar-on-Chip for example can identify:

1. A pedestrian crossing the road

2. A child entering the street from beside a parked car

3. A bicyclist next to a guard rail

In all-weather and lighting conditions, all while avoiding mutual interference between other radars.

The RoC also meets stringent automotive requirements including:

1. Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Q104 qualification

2. ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL-B) rating

3. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) with its first Tier 1 automotive customer, Magna

Uhnder’s radar-on-chip is expected to debut in vehicles this month. For example, Uhnder's digital radar technology is deployed under the front license plate on the Fisker Inc’s all-electric SUV named Ocean coming in 2022.

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