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Raspberry Pi Starts Selling Flash Memory!

Didn't Expect Raspberry Pi to start selling Winbond's 16M-bit Flash Memory Chips! - This is a good thing...

A few weeks ago Raspberry Pi started selling the Raspberry Pico RP2040 Chips in bulk quantities at cheap price, to reduce chip shortage.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is doing a great job and doing their part, allowing access to such components, especially in this time of massive chip shortage. I applaud them for not capitalizing on limited supply by hiking prices.

The 16M-bit Flash Memory already used in the Raspberry Pico may be useful in your next project as its ideal for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI and storing voice, text and data. It's features include:

1. Device operates between - 2.7V to 3.6V

2. Current consumption - as low as 1µA for power-down

3. Space Efficient Packaging - 8 Pin and different types

4. High Performance Serial Flash -

– 133MHz Single, Dual/Quad SPI clocks

– 266/532MHz equivalent Dual/Quad SPI

– 66MB/S continuous data transfer rate

5. Advanced Security Features

For more info, datasheet is here:

For buying the chip form Raspberry Pi:

For more such embedded qucikbits follow my LinkedIn & Subscribe my YouTube Channel:

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