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Shoot down Mosquitoes using LASER!

A cool open source project by Ildar Rakhmatulin to shoot down Mosquitoes using LASER!! No more waiting for them to come to you. Let Machine Vision do its magic to find & “neutralize” the insect that is responsible for 1 million deaths a year.

Open Source GitHub Repo to all things related to this project:

A week ago I published a post on an open source Brain Interface Shield for Raspberry Pi called PiEEG. Ildar Rakhmatulin was involved in that. This “ultimate bug zapper” project is also made by Ildar Rakhmatulin.

He has also published a paper on this project in the Journal of Real-Time Image Processing named “Machine vision for low-cost remote control of mosquitoes by power laser” which you can check out here:

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PS: If you are doing this, please be careful with the laser. It may injure you.

Will quote the warning that the maker has posted in the GitHub:

"Don't use the power laser!

The main limiting factor in the development of this technology is the danger of the laser may damage the eyes. The laser can enter a blood vessel and clog it, it can get into a blind spot where nerves from all over the eye go to the brain, you can burn out a line of "pixels" And then the damaged retina can begin to flake off, and this is the path to complete and irreversible loss of vision. This is dangerous because a person may not notice at the beginning of damage from a laser hit: there are no pain receptors there, the brain completes objects in damaged areas (remapping of dead pixels), and only when the damaged area becomes large enough person starts to notice that some objects not visible. We can develop additional security systems, such as human detection, audio sensors, etc. But in any case, we are not able to make the installation 100% safe, since even a laser can be reflected and damage the eye of a person who is not in the field of view of the device and at a distant distance. Therefore, this technology should not be used at home. My strong recommendation - don't use the power laser! I recommend making a device that will track an object using a safe laser pointer."

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