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The New BLE Audio Standard

Wouldn't it be convenient to connect a single pair of Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices at the same time? This is possible with the latest Bluetooth standard for audio called BLE Audio.

BLE Audio brings in a lot of features including:

1. Connect to Multiple Sources Simultaneously

2. Connect One Source to Multiple Bluetooth Devices

3. Broadcast Bluetooth Audio Like Wi-Fi

4. Better Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss

5. Low Complexity Communications Codec - LC3 provides same audio quality as previous codec but at 50% lower bit rate

Want to learn more about Bluetooth LE Audio Specifications for free? The actual specification document can be daunting to parse out useful stuff, the "why" aspect & use cases.

This FREE E-book from Nick Hunn is a very well structured book to introduce people to the possibilities of BLE Audio. Nick has done an amazing job of making complex topics easy to understand. It even comes with some historical background info & valuable insights.

The Free E-book is here:

It might be good to check out it's FAQ to know about compatible & coexistence.https://

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