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Turn Raspberry Pi into a Brain-Computer-Interface - PiEEG

Want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Brain-Computer-Interface? PiEEG is an open source Raspberry Pi shield that measures bio signals including EEG, EMG, ECG and is the easiest way to the neuroscience world. Being Open Source means that you can use the PCB files to build one yourself. But I recommend you to support the hard work of the makers by crowdfunding it. Check this out:

Check out this detailed GitHub page that includes all the software & hardware resources:

You can thank Ildar Rakhmatulin & Sebastian Völkl of hackerBCI for such an important & useful product. This can substantially improve Prototyping Speed for Startups involved in biomedical product development.

Now let's talk about its features:

1. To begin measuring biosignals, all you need to do is connect electrodes and run a python script

2. 8 channels for connecting wet or dry electrodes

3. Open Source Software supports Python, C & C++

4. Uses ADS1299 (low-noise, multichannel, simultaneous-sampling, 24-bit) ADC

5. Ability to measure impedance

6. Common-Mode Rejection Ratio CMRR - 120

7. Programmable signal gain: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24

For more info, please check this out:

Research paper:

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