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Ublox’s 1st 5G Ready eSIM Cellular Module for IoT

What makes Ublox’s SARA-R500E module unique, is the combination of 5G Ready Cellular support along with not requiring a physical SIM to set up the network.

The SARA-R500E module is based on u-blox's UBX-R5 cellular chipset, and is the first module with an eSIM & bundled LTE-M connectivity.

Being an eSIM offering, profile and settings are preconfigured, requiring no customer intervention, thus providing a true out-of-the-box connectivity experience. Other Advantages of being eSIM enabled are:

  1. Saves Cost

  2. Saves Board Space since SIM holder & related circuitry is absent

  3. No need to separately source SIM card and plan as both is offered

  4. The eSIM cannot be stolen or removed

  5. Customers only need to activate the SIM by using the u-blox Thingstream Platform and then choose their preferred plan.

What Does 5G-Ready Actually Mean?

The customers will be able to do software upgrade on their deployed devices, once 5G LTE has been rolled out by mobile operators, greatly improving end-product scalability and lifetime.

Other Features of SARA-R500E:

  1. AWS IoT Core qualified & Microsoft Azure certified

  2. Current Support only for North America. Future Variants will come

  3. GPIO: Upto 6 GPIOs, configurable

  4. 8-wire UART, configurable as 2x 4-wire UART

  5. DDC (I2C)

  6. USB Support for diagnostics

  7. Remote Firmware Upgrade

  8. Supports MQTT, MQTT-SN, COAP out of box

  9. Antenna dynamic tuning

  10. Jamming detection

For more info about the module check out this product summary:

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