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WhatsApp API is now public! 📢 What does this mean?

1. Easy Data Management, Scrapping & Analysis

2. Chatbots are easier to build with no 3rd party in between required

3. Chatbots, Voicebots etc can integrate external language APIs, thus more personal interactions can happen in local languages

4. Developers will have the ability now to come up with creative solutions to existing problems or unknown problems

As businesses gain access to this, it means users have to take some precautions and practice some security measures to protect them from spam, phishing and threats.

What should users do?

1. Enable 2 step verification for WhatsApp

2. Don't share WhatsApp web QR code unnecessarily

3. Be careful about payments through WhatsApp. Double check whether you are sending to the right buisness.

Hopefully WhatsApp won't become like everyone's SMS app which is full of spam.

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