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When to use which ESP32?

When to use which ESP32?

1. ESP32-H2 - Best Suited for Interoperable Smart-Connected Devices from Different Ecosystems. Thread border routers/ZigBee Gateways /Matter Border routers & Ultra - low power industrial applications

2. ESP32-C3. As a secure more feature packed

upgrade to existing ESP8266 line-up of products you already sell. Consider this over ESP8266 if you are building Smart Home or Smart Office products.

3. EPS32-C6. It's C3 on Steroids! It comes with WiFi 6. Thus you can Create Future Proof Smart Devices and for Industrial Applications where a lot of devices are involved

4. ESP32-S2. If your application does not need the power of dual cores to do FreeRTOS, but would benefit a lot from the cool security and power features of S2, you can replace the ESP32 with an ESP32 S2. So in a way Just like how ESP32 C3 is a replacement for ESP8266, ESP32 S2 aims to be a replacement for ESP32.

5. ESP32-S3. Use cases include:Offline Voice Recognition, Computer Vision, Wake Word Detection applications, Multi Dimensional Human Machine Interface

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