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World's 1st 64 MP Raspberry Pi Camera

Building an Object Detection project on Raspberry Pi 4? How about getting a flagship smartphone grade 64 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus on Raspberry Pi? Now, how about attaching 4x 64 MP Cameras on ONE Raspberry Pi?

Arducam Pi Hawk-eye is a 64MP camera for Raspberry Pi 4/CM4 with built-in autofocus.


1. 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 60fps, 640×480 at 60/90fps*

2. 9152 x 6944 pixels resolution for Images

3. Field of View – 84° viewing angle (diagonal)

4. Dimensions – 25 x 24 mm

5. Plug & Play - as its compatible with libcamera in Pi 4

6. Up to 10x Digital Zoom

7. Preorder Price: $35.99

*Video Recording Resolution is limited by the Pi 4 processor. Future Pi's can support 4k video resolution on the same module.

Arducam also provides a lot of useful accessories with this camera module, of which one caught my attention.

The Arducam UC-512 expansion board is a Easy Plug & Play module for Raspberry Pi 4 that enables us to connect 4 of these 64 MP camera modules at the same time onto a single Pi! This opens up a lot of use cases:

1. Take full-res 64MP images and switch between cameras

2. Capture a scene with four cameras in a combined view

3. Do depth mapping where all 4 cameras need to work in synchronization

Arducam UC-512 expansion board comes in a kit containing 4x 64 MP camera modules and costs $194.00

For more info :

For a module hands-on video review:

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