World's 1st Direct To Satellite SoC

The ORC3990 by Orca Systems, Inc. is the world’s first Integrated SoC with ability to communicate directly with Satellites for IoT applications.The SoC comes in a tiny 68-QFN Package with a Dual ARM Cortex M0+.

The SoC Mainly Consists of:

1. Low Noise Amplifier

2. Digital Power Amplifier

3. Satellite Modem

4. Power Management Subsystems

5. Dual Core ARM processor for separate application & network processing

6. Volatile & Non Volatile Memory

7. Security Features

8. Key Analogue & Digital Peripherals

9. On-chip Temperature sensor

10. Suite of interfaces for variety of sensors

The company claims a Sub 10$ cost for a simple, compact tracker-on-a-chip application supporting global connectivity and positioning, based on the ORC3990 SoC.

For more info like price, availablity and documentation visit: and mail the support. I was not able to find further indepth details as Technical documentation was not available.

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