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World's 1st MEMS Speaker with Vents that open and close

Your Wireless Earbuds are going to get even tinier! With this MEMS Micro Speaker, you won't even feel like you are wearing one! Montara Pro by xMEMS Labs is the World's 1st Monolithic MEMS µspeaker with Vent Holes!

Currently, many earbuds allow "Transparent Mode" which essentially allows you to hear ambient sounds, say for example, while driving. The disadvantage with this is that it takes in the Mic Input of the ambient noise and outputs that to your earbud speaker. This feels weird and unnatural.

Montara Pro doesn't have this limitation, as there are literal Vents on this MEMS chip! These Vents can be opened to allow for Audio Pass-through of the natural ambient sounds. Whenever you need to have full noise cancellation, these vents can be dynamically closed. This tech is called DynamicVent.

DynamicVent Tech is great for both consumers and hearing care products, as it eliminates trade-offs & enables listening performance to adapt to any environment.

Montara Pro represents a huge milestone, accomplishing low power, waterproofing, monolithic full-bandwidth, and Dynamic Vent Tech in a tiny package.

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