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World's 1st WiFi HaLow Raspberry Pi HAT!

Wi-Fi with a range of 1KM would be great right? Wi-Fi HaLow is the answer. World's 1st WiFi HaLow Raspberry Pi HAT is available now!

AHPI7292S HAT from Alfa Network Inc. allows you to easily tinker around with Wi-Fi HaLow on Raspberry Pi, before actually using it in your product.

I have a video on Wi-Fi HaLow on my YouTube Channel here:

While I appreciate Alfa Network for bringing accessibility to this technology, I would like them to rename the module. Something like a “AHP HaLow HAT” would have been easier to market.

Of Course this HAT wouldn’t have been possible if not for Newracom Inc’s NRC7292 WiFi HaLow SoC.

Now let's look at the HAT’s Features:

1. Frequency - 847 MHz (TW), 866 MHz (EU), 915 MHz (US), 922 MHz (KR), 924 MHz (JP)

2. Data Rate - 150 Kbps - 15 Mbps

3. 3 Onboard LEDs - For Power, TX, RX

4. Antenna Connector - 1× IPEX/U.FL

5. Channel Bandwidth - 1/2/4 MHz

6. Modulation - OFDM with BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM

7. DIP switch for mode select and connector for UART - This is really handy as you can switch between Host mode, Standalone mode, Download mode super easily

8. Supports Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

You can find the datasheet here:

Software Resources:

To buy contact support:

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