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World’s Lowest Power BLE 5 Module – Atmosic™ ATM2 Series

ATM2 is a family of Extreme Low Power Bluetooth® 5 Modules which combines an ARM® Cortex® M0 processor, Advance Power Management & Bluetooth 5 radio. It consumes 3 to 5 Times Less Power than any other BLE Products in market.

The ATM2 Series from Atmosic™ is not just simply an ultra low power BLE Module. It is designed with extensive set of I/O Support, and Peripherals for consumer, commercial, and IIoT applications.

The ATM2 is extremely low power, and the following points showcase that:

  • Active Rx @ -95 dBm: 1 mA

  • Active Tx @ 0 dBm: 2.5 mA

  • Retention @ 32 KB RAM: 2 µA

  • Hibernate: 0.7 µA

How is this ultra low power achieved?

The ATM2 Saves a lot of power by offloading sensor handling to something knows as An Integrated Sensor Hub. A Sensor Hub is configurable peripheral that can read sensor data and write to memory while all other peripherals and even CPU is powered down. The Sensor Hub can be configured to even wakeup the CPU based on sensor reading.

ATM2 Also does this trick for its RF interface too. It has an Independent RF Wakeup Receiver that scans for an incoming wakeup signal while the rest of the SoC remains in a very low power state.

The ATM2 Series is available is basically 4 different Packages. All Packages are features wise the same. The only difference is in the available I/Os.

The ATM2 as said earlier, is not just a module, but a fully flushed out SoC with proper peripherals. It supports all the usual peripherals like UART, I2C, SPI, and Quad SPI for external flash.

On top of that it also supports Pulse Density Modulated digital microphone, Pulse Width Modulation outputs, Quadrature decoder for sensor inputs, Keyboard Scan Matrix Controller, Analog Comparator, and Application ADC.


In terms of usability, the module comes with AT command support, SDK and libraries.

Documentation here:

Evaluation HW here:

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