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World's Smallest Air Velocity Sensor - Flusso

At just 3.5 x 3.5 mm, the FLS122 from FLUSSO LIMITED is the World's Smallest Air Velocity Sensor. The small form factor enables board-mounted measurements for thermal management & filter monitoring in the most space-constrained and challenging environments. It's 80% smaller than any comparable product on the market.

Target Applications:

1. Data Centers, Gaming PC


3. Air Purifier, Vacuum Cleaners

4. Medical & Industrial Use cases


1. Supports bidirectional flow sensing

2. Real time temperature & air speed measurements up to 20 meters per second

3. 6-pin DFN package

4. Easy & Low cost integration

5. Custom 'tunnel lid', for accurate measurement with little or no pressure drop required in the flow path

6. Uses CMOS MEMS die from Flusso's FLS110 award-winning mass flow sensor

It is going to be shown to the market for the first time at next week's SENSOR+TEST 2022 Event in Germany.

The new sensor will come with a full package of support resources including an evaluation kit, hardware design guides, sensor firmware, and SDK.

Samples of the FLS122 are available to qualified customers on request:

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