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Arduino’s 1st Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateways: Arduino WisGate Edge

When you hear “Arduino” you think of Hobby Projects. But Last few years have shown that they are becoming a serious player in the Industrial Field, especially with their Pro Lineup.

Arduino has just announced the launch of 2 new out of the box, ready to use, Industrial grade LoRaWAN® Gateways for Indoor & Outdoor Use in partnership with RAKwireless™. They are:

  1. WisGate Edge Lite 2 - For Indoor Deployment

  2. WisGate Edge Pro - For Outdoor Deployment

Arduino has been steadily growing its LoRa® ecosystem, and this gateway completes its end to end offering. Wrapping both RAKwireless’s expertise and Arduino’s IoT Cloud User experience into a high-quality solution like this is the right move by Arduino to Plant its foot firmly into the industrial domain.

5 reasons to choose Arduino’s Gateways:
  1. Industrial Grade Reliability & Security

  2. Intuitive Setup due to Friendly UI/UX

  3. Extensive Technical Documentation

  4. Fully Customizable Open-Source OS

  5. Easy to Install as it comes with enclosures & accessories

Features Common to WisGate Edge Lite 2 & Edge Pro:
  1. Secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE

  2. Rapid Setup & Diagnostics

  3. SD Card Slot enables Backup & Data Logging

  4. Customizable WisGateOS - Based on OpenWRT

  5. Power over Ethernet

  6. Compatible with Cloud Offerings

Other than the above common features of the 2 versions, the 2 different models add unique features that make them ideal for different applications. Let's look at them one at a time.

Features Specific to WisGate Edge Lite 2:
  • Secure Enclosure designed for efficient cooling for indoor conditions

  • Optional DIN Rail Mounting for easy deployment in factories and industrial setting

  • Ideal for Multi-story Buildings, like smart apartments & factories.

Features Specific to WisGate Edge Pro:
  • Two Fiberglass 5dBi gain Antennas enabling outdoor maximum range

  • Kit includes On-pole & DIN-rail installation

  • Supports 16 LoRa® channels as it has 2x LoRaWAN® Concentrators

  • Ideal for Outdoor Deployment, like Construction sites, Weather Monitoring & Farms

In Depth Documentation & Datasheets:

For WisGate Edge Lite 2:

For WisGate Edge Pro:

Want to buy? The Gateways will be available to purchase from the Arduino Store within a few weeks. Check out this link:

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