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ESP-Drone : ESP32's Open Source Drone Solution

Want to build a Modular Drone? Lazy to start from scratch? Not many know this, but Espressif Systems has an open source drone solution. Named "ESP-Drone" it comes with Schematic, PCB Files, Great Documentation, Software, Source Code for iOS & Android Apps, and many inbuilt features.

At present, ESP-Drone supports various modes such as Stabilize mode, height-hold mode, Position-hold mode, Swarm mode, Gamepad control, App-control, PC Host debugging.

The main feature of the ESP-Drone Project is its modularity. It provides us with various hardware configurations for different features. This is possible due to separation of functionality by the use of a Main Control Board & Expansion Board.

Main Control Board - Equipped with Either ESP32/ESP32-S2, and MPU6050 & hardware expansion interface for basic flight.

Expansion Board - There are 3 types - Fixed Point Module, Pneumatic Height Fixing Module & Compass Module.

1. Fixed Point Module combines PMW3901 Optical flow sensor + VL53L1X Time of Flight Sensor

2. Height Fixing Module uses MS5611 Barometric Pressure Sensor

3. Compass Module uses HMC5883 Compass Sensor

Application - Due to its open architecture & modular nature, the drones created with ESP-Drone are best suited for STEAM education.

Want to see some actual commercial Mini Drones designed for STEAM education with ESP-Drone? - Enter ESPcopter -

By the way, did you know that DJI has a drone with ESP32 chip and a camera designed for STEAM Education:

GitHub for ESP-Drone:

Documentation (you need to use google translate) :

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