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ESP32 Based Industrial Controller: NORVI Controllers

ESP32 has rapidly become a popular choice for IoT applications due to its economical prices, multiple supported designs, built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, and easy compatibility with Arduino and many other boards.

Even though ESP32 has great specifications for simple application, to use them in Industrial IoT applications meant taking into consideration the following factors:

  1. Proper Enclosure

  2. Good Power Supply

  3. I/O Isolations

  4. EMI Safety

  5. DIN-Rail Mountable

  6. Ease of Programming

NORVI Industrial Controllers are made taking into account all these factors, thereby bridging the gap between the existing features of the ESP32 and supporting industrial applications.

NORVI Industrial Controllers:

NORVI even has considered different industrial applications and created a variety of models.


  2. NORVI IIOT - Wi-Fi

  3. NORVI ENET - Ethernet

All the above Controllers comes with the following features:

  1. MicroSD card socket

  2. 0.96-inch OLED Display

  3. RS485 interface via terminal block

  4. 10-pin port with I2C, UART, and GPIO for up to 6x expansion modules

  5. Button on front panel

  6. DS3231 RTC with battery

  7. Power Supply: 24V DC via terminal block

  8. Dimensions – 90.50 x 60.60 x 56.60 mm (DIN-Rail mountable)

  9. Weight – About 430 grams

  10. Custom IO Support (Check out the product page for more info)

The Price for the Controller ranges between 82$ to 187$ based on connectivity and other features

NORVI Expansion Modules:

There are many Expansion Modules that add NB-IoT, LoRa, ZigBee and even some with proper IP67 Rating geared towards Industrial Solar and Power Applications.

Software Support:

All NORVI ESP32 based Controllers & Expansion Modules can be programmed with the Arduino IDE and the ESP-IDF framework, but the company only provides Arduino samples and libraries to control the display, I/Os, the RTC, and the SD card.

You can access the example samples & libraries for Arduino here:

You can see all the products of NORVI here:

NORVI Controllers for Predictive Maintenance: TinyAutomator

Check out this link to see how the ESP32 Based Industrial Controller Performs in an actual Industrial setting:

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