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Meadow F7v2 System on Module combines STM32, ESP32, 32MB RAM, & 64MB Flash

A great solution for Industrial IoT Applications. This System-on-Module combines STM32, ESP32, 32MB RAM, & 64MB Flash into this tiny package.

Meadow F7v2 from Wilderness Labs Inc. is an SoM specifically designed for sophisticated IoT Industrial applications. It combines STMicroelectronics STM32F7 MCU with an Espressif Systems ESP-32 coprocessor. It also comes with a custom Meadow.OS which can be used to manage the SoM remotely via Meadow.Cloud with secure OTA updates, reliable push messaging, and device and application health monitoring over a Wi-Fi or ethernet.

Key Features of Meadow F7v2 SoM:

1. SoM design enables easy upgrade path for high production volume solutions

2. External SD Card interface

3. Dual-Port External Ethernet interface

4. 32 MB External Onboard QSPI RAM

5. 64 MB External Onboard Non Volatile Flash

6. On-board 2.4 GHz Ceramic Chip Antenna (10x Performance)

7. u.Fl Antenna connector

8. Any added features that comes with the presence of STM32 & ESP32

Want to prototype first before ordering the SoM? There are 2 Dev Kits for Meadow F7v2:

1. Meadow F7v2 Feather (Breadboard compatible - no peripherals)

2. Meadow F7v2 Core-Compute Dev Kit (With SD Card, Dual ethernet, USB C & more)

You can now buy the F7v2 Feather for 45$ from here:

The SoM & the other Dev Kit is now only available for preorder.

Datasheet for F7v2 SoM & Feather:

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