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Qualcomm® S5 Sound Platform – ANC, High-Res Audio, LE Audio Support

Qualcomm® has introduced a new family of BLE SoCs for Audio Solutions. It’s named as the S5 Sound Platform. Qualcomm claims this will the be the ultimate noise free sound solution platform ever. It leverages the latest LE Audio (Bluetooth 5.3 dual-mode) to product High-Res Audio with Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation.

The S5 Sound Platform is supposed to pave way for a new generation of compact, feature-rich wireless earbuds, headsets and speakers.

Features of the S5 Sound Platform:

1. Powerful Quad Core Processor Architecture

a. 2x 32 Bit Application Cores – 80 MHz

b. 2x 240 MHz Programmable DSP Audio Subsystem

2. Supports up to 3-microphones

3. Has Qualcomm cVc Echo Canceling and Noise Suppression (ECNS) which uses beamforming to cleanly capture the sound.

4. CD Lossless audio quality with Snapdragon Sound

5. The Qualcomm aptX Voice Audio delivers super wideband voice quality - 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio

6. Embedded ROM + RAM and external Q-SPI Flash

7. On-chip memory for audio buffering

8. Data Rate : Up to 3 Mbps

9. Current : 4 mA

10. Dimension : 4.930 x 3.936 x 0.57 mm

11. Package : WLCSP

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