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World’s 1st BLE SoC with GPU & Voice Detector: Renesas SmartBond DA1470x

Touted as the World’s Most Highly Integrated BLE 5.2 SoC, the new SmartBond DA1470x family from Renesas features the following:

  1. Small Form Factor - 6 x 6.2 mm

  2. 2D GPU + Display Controller

  3. Ultra Low Power Voice Activity Detector - Always On Keyword Detection

  4. Integrated Charger & Efficient Power Management Unit

  5. 160 MHz Arm Cortex -M33F application processor

  6. Arm Cortex-M0+ sensor node controller for low power applications

  7. 1.5 MB SRAM, upto 79 GPIOs, SWD

  8. Advanced Security with crypto accelerators, secure boot, key storage and handling

These unique features make the DA1470x family the first product in the wireless MCU space to offer this level of integration. The SmartBond DA1470x Family is gaining acceptance in the market.

For example, the DA14706 is powering the newly launched Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with an eye-catching 1.62“, 192x490 AMOLED display, 120 sports modes and a 15-day battery life for typical use.

Typical Applications:

  1. Fitness Trackers, Sports Watches

  2. Medical Device like Glucose Monitoring Readers

  3. Smart Home Device & Applications

  4. Industrial Automations & Security Systems

  5. Smart Consoles like Gaming Consoles, Exercise Equipments

  6. Automotive- Like E-Bikes

  7. Consumer Toys

Software Support:

  1. SmartSnippets IDE is an Eclipse CDT-based IDE with pre-configured plugins for easy out of the box set-up of the build / debug environment

  2. SmartSnippets Toolbox is a tool covering power profiling, Flash or OTP programming and testing

  3. SDK & Documentation:

  4. Companion Android App called Renesas SmartBond available in Playstore

Reference Designs:

  1. Wearable Activity Tracker: Click Here

  2. Instrument Panel for Light Electric Vehicles: Click Here

The SmartBond DA1470x Family Comparison:

DA1470x Development Kits:

Buy Development kit here:

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