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World's 1st 9 Electrode 3 in 1 Soil Sensor

Building an Agri-tech Product? The following 3 in 1 Soil sensor is the Industry's 1st 9 electrode EC sensor. It is able to measure electrical conductivity, moisture, and temperature simultaneously in soil and underwater very accurately.

Murata’s 3 in 1 sensor is highly accurate & enables farmers to maximize the yield and quality of crops while minimizing resources such as water and fertilizers.

Important Features:

1. IP68 Water & Dust Protection, Rust Proofing

2. Runs for 6 months on 3x AA batteries (sampling every 30 minutes)

3. Compatible with existing crop management systems due to support for UART, RS232E, RS485, SDI-12, and RS485 MODBUS

4. Resists impact of chloride ions and temperature extremes

5. Electrical Conductivity measurements are not affected by soil moisture content

Applications: Monitoring Water quality & Soil Quality Accurately

Product Tests & Results:

To understand more about how the sensor achieves its features:

The product is yet to be released but I guess you can get engineering samples by contacting them here:

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